Why do we look for patterns?
We predict to survive.

If we can predict the future, we can control it.
If we can control it, we own it.

Our earliest models were stories with gods and spirits.
Our most recent ones are equations that quantify uncertainty.

We don’t just rely on our imaginations to foresee the future.
We also build tools that make it predictable.

Our latest tools can emulate almost anything from atoms to brains.
Our latest concern is whether we are any different from these tools.

We are stuck in a self-perpetuating cycle:
Does the world create us or do we create it?

Our gods must be worried; a creation gone out of control.
Where did intelligence begin, and where does it end?

Reality lies beyond our senses, bombarding them with vibrations.
It is equally forged by our intelligence, and that of our creations.

Intelligence blurs the difference between reality and representation.
So far, we see it as a blessing, but what if it’s a curse?

Intelligence is but a tool, just like the ones it creates.
Its ultimate end is to sustain the cycle of creation.

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